Night Photography

We had a chance to experiment with Night Photography techniques where we focused on how to control aperture, ISO, and shutter speed to create different night photography effects. I was very surprised with this topic and became a lot more interested in night photography than I initially thought I would. I love to shoot with natural light and have a somewhat high-key lighting style, so when the topic of night photography was brought up I knew I would have a lot to learn and experiment with.

In the beginning of our shooting session I was shooting in Manual mode with a high ISO within the 400-800 range, a medium shutter speed, and a wide aperture of 2.8. I was also using a fisheye lens that I was able to get my hands on through the schools check-out services. Altogether these made for some interest photos but they still weren’t looking like the examples we went over in class, so I slowed down my shutter and magic happened!

Overall I’m pleased with how the photos turned out although I wish I got to play a little more with blurred lighting . The techniques I learned here with the help and advice of the guest Navy photographers will also help me to shoot in low-light situations in the future.



Ways of Seeing




The purpose of this assignment was to practice composition techniques such as Rule of Thirds, Framing, Leading Lines, Balance, Patterns, Textures, Spot Coloring, Contrasting/Harmonious Colors, Silhouette, Negative Space, Birdseye View, and Worms Eye View.

These photos are from a collection taken during class time on campus, and also a few pictures from a mini shoot in Carlsbad. Some of my favorite photos from this assignment would be those in the framing, texture, contrasting & harmonious colors, negative space, and worms eye view. Typically I am drawn to the scenes with more simple details and I feel I tend to shoot in a predictable range of angles and distances. Techniques such as texture compelled me to move closer to my subjects, and others such as negative space forced me to take a step back and look at the scene from the “outside, in”.

Looking at objects from a different perspective was a challenge for me in some of the composition categories. However, it forced me to step out of my comfort zone and away from the view finder so I could challenge my normal shooting habits. I feel like this assignment helped remind me of the range of perspectives I have to play with and allowed me to revisit some techniques I had forgotten about. Overall, I am pleased with the turnout of the photos and I am happy this assignment ignited some creative habits I hope to progress.


My name is Shayla Penera and I am a second year student here at California State University San Marcos. I’m very excited and eager to be taking this digital photography class for which I have very optimistic expectations. My goals in this class are to refine my skills and shape my style in photography.

My experience in photography started about four years ago as an upcoming junior in high school. I took a photography class in high school that I didn’t think much of at the time; once I started a small jewelry line called Lucky Lotus Hawaii with my best friend, I realized how photography would help me in many ways. From there I started to dabble a little with photography and take my classmates senior portraits. From that point it grew and became something I can’t get enough of.

I’ve had the chance to work with growing and established companies that have really inspired me to pursue Fashion/ Lifestyle photography. Some of my work and growth can be found on my website.  Although I have had more experience with fashion and lifestyle photography, I’m really hoping to be exposed to new styles and different types of art to fuel my inspiration that allow me to grow and set new goals for myself.