The film Everybody Street exposes the ideas behind the photographers and photographs they produce of “real life.” The film mentions how some photographers paint their scenes in studio while others let the scene come to them.

There were a few points mae by the photographers that really stuck out to me in this documentary:

  • “Being behind the camera makes you not a participant, you’re an observer.” -Boogie
  • “[When photographing the street you are] responding to things and you learn what they mean to you” -Joel Meyerowitz
  • “[Photography] is a way of reading your culture.” -Joel Meyerowitz

The intention of photographers can be many things, but one thing is common in the idea that we all strive to share our perception with the world and hope that it makes them feel something. Whether we want our viewers to feel happy, sad, to take action, or to relive a memory; there is all a bigger picture to what we capture.

Watching this documentary has opened my eyes to a new meaning of photography. Sometimes it’s not all about vanity and a perfect picture, in fact most times it won’t be. There are many things still yet to be discovered and photographing these memories are one way to put time in a bottle for all to see.