Discovery Lake Park

I took advantage of the warm colored natural lighting right before sunset. The sun covered the little neighborhood in bright light beams and allowed for some pretty magical lighting. We had a chance to play with LED lights and diffusers to experiment with manipulating the light. Above are a couple of portraits I was able to capture with natural lighting and LED lighting. I wasn’t sure how I would like to effect of artificial lighting during the daytime but I realized how it could be a useful tool to compose photos. Overall I’m happy with the portraits I was able to capture and the lighting that was accomplished.

The park definitely showed signs of the season with a mix of old foliage and new blooming plants around the pathway. All of the textures and different colors were also something that drew my eye. Since my primary lens had a bit of a malfunction the week prior, I had to use another lens that I wasn’t so familiar with. Even with this minor setback I feel like I was still able to use in camera aperture and ISO adjustments to capture the certain effects I wanted.



Diptychs & Triptychs


The Diptych above shares a story from my first trip to Big Bear, California. The photos show the scene of the uncommon upstairs room in the cabin and its high-pitched ceilings, and the view of the towering trees outside. I developed the photo in Lightroom to emphasize the muted tones to reflect the mood of the cabin and the snow covered woods. The simplicity of the photos shows the harmonious and serene feelings of seeing snowfall for the first time.  I paired these photos because it were the two photos of the series that I felt really displayed my memories of the trip as a whole.

The following Triptych is a high-contrast black and white series, flowing from one filled frame to another. I felt that developing the photos in black and white gave the series flow and harmony for what could have otherwise been a very busy triptych. It shows the coming and going of finally reaching the mountain top, to see an assemblage of many others who travelled to enjoy the snowfall as well.


Ways of Seeing




The purpose of this assignment was to practice composition techniques such as Rule of Thirds, Framing, Leading Lines, Balance, Patterns, Textures, Spot Coloring, Contrasting/Harmonious Colors, Silhouette, Negative Space, Birdseye View, and Worms Eye View.

These photos are from a collection taken during class time on campus, and also a few pictures from a mini shoot in Carlsbad. Some of my favorite photos from this assignment would be those in the framing, texture, contrasting & harmonious colors, negative space, and worms eye view. Typically I am drawn to the scenes with more simple details and I feel I tend to shoot in a predictable range of angles and distances. Techniques such as texture compelled me to move closer to my subjects, and others such as negative space forced me to take a step back and look at the scene from the “outside, in”.

Looking at objects from a different perspective was a challenge for me in some of the composition categories. However, it forced me to step out of my comfort zone and away from the view finder so I could challenge my normal shooting habits. I feel like this assignment helped remind me of the range of perspectives I have to play with and allowed me to revisit some techniques I had forgotten about. Overall, I am pleased with the turnout of the photos and I am happy this assignment ignited some creative habits I hope to progress.