Panorama’s – Fail or Learning Lesson

Our assignment was to capture images that we would digitally process and stitch together as a panorama. We were to create a horizontal panorama, a vertical panorama, and a spherical panorama that resembled a “little world”. I wanted to do my best to stretch my creative thinking and avoid landscape panoramas, so I decided to attempt to capture the “calm-chaos” that is the clothing warehouse I work in.

The warehouse is a small office and clothing department that was originally a garage. This little warehouse is home to clothing and accessories that supplies thousands of retailers and store fronts across the continental United States, including Hawaii. I really wanted to capture the scene and I thought panoramas would be a nice way to showcase what the warehouse has going on and also reflect how MUCH there is going on.

On my first attempt, my photos turned out CRAZY. After the last step of stitching the panoramas I was waiting for the image to load and once it did all I could think was “What the f*ck is that…” The image was chopped up and all over the place. I realized I had forgot the detail or image orientation when taking the photos, and so my photos weren’t syncing with the programs automatic stitching.

My second attempt proved a little better, although I was not able to capture the “little world” panorama as I had hoped. Although it seemed like a fail this assignment proved a learning lesson for me and a chance to practice a really cool technique.



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