Environmental Portraits

The photos above are my take on environmental portraits that I captured during class time and outside of class for the assignment. These types of portraits are very interesting to me and I realized that a lot of thought and planning before hand goes into these kind of moments. I needed to make sure I could capture the subject in a setting that was able to show the viewer a genuine perception of what they do or who the subject is.

For the first photo with my classmate Cameron, I chose to capture him on campus being that he is a first year student attending CSU San Marcos and it would be a classic memory to document. We chatted before hand and Cameron mentioned he is a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and that they were hosting events on campus throughout the week. When I got to the setting I felt a little nervous since it was during U-hour and a lot of students were on campus, feeling a little hesitant with the crowd I feel like it affected my ability to compose the photo as strongly as I had hoped. All in all I am still happy with the way the photos turned out and this photo assignment gave me a lot to learn and work with.

The following photo was one I was able to capture during our session in class. The subject is an employee at the USU Marketplace who was eager and happy to take a photo. I was initially attracted to the fridge that held organized drinks as the background. With the small isles it took a few tries to position the subject in a way that didn’t show distracting pieces in the background. I felt it showed enough story to the photo and still allowed me to capture my simple style.


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