BE AN ARTIST VIDEO: TEDxSeoul // Young-ha Kim


Young-ha Kim is a Korean author who shares his view on being an artist. He shares his experiences as a child of how he began his story telling, which ultimately led him to be the celebrated author he is today.

A few main takeaways from this TED talk was how Kim believed that we are all born as artists, we have an imagination that allows us to live and act artistically. Somehow as we grow older, art becomes optional to us and we don’t make time for it.  Kim furtherThe lack of an artistic outlet still finds its way to show up in little actions or underlying feelings such as jealousy. We come to idolize people who were courageous enough to stick with their artistic tendencies, such as famous writers, singers, and other celebrities.

There is no better time to become an artist than right now, we’ve always had the ability to imagine beautiful pictures and tell captivating stories. Our priorities change as we grow older but our abilities as an artist don’t have to be neglected.


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