Richard Renaldi // Touching Strangers

New York University graduate Richard Renaldi is an internationally celebrated photographer who’s most recent work titled Touching Strangers has had viral success. This particular series includes photos of strangers in New York sharing intimate moments under the direction of Renaldi.

In this series Renaldi was not only able to capture the subject in a compositionally pleasing way, but somehow everyone involved walked away with a greater feeling. New York is known as a fast moving city full of strangers moving to and from; Renaldi was able to break down these barriers and connect these individuals in unordinary ways, using his vision and camera equipment.

This shows how powerful photography can be as a way to tell a story and connect people in ways they may not have been connected before. The photos themselves give a sense of unity knowing that these are complete strangers, who put away all assumptions and ideas to cooperate in making this art piece. Renaldo’s style captures showcases the subjects with boldness and simplicity at the same time, allowing for the story to unfold on its own.


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