Ian Ruhter // Silver & Light

Ian Ruhter’s career as a photographer started out no more different than many other photographers; he had the same equipment, same lenses, and similar ideas to many other photographers on the market. Again just like many other photographers, Ian hit a plateau and it continued to deflect his interest in conventional photography and lead him to his unique and uncommon photography practices now.

Ian’s journey as a photographer truly took off as he set off to create a giant mobile 1800’s inspired camera in the back of a vehicle that resembles an old school ice-cream truck. Ians work became a culmination of the ideas from the past and the technology of the future. From here Ian was able to reconnect with his passion and continue to make art that had purpose and meaning for himself.

The message I got from this idea was that sometimes it takes a daring and bold step to get out of your comfort zone, and more often than not it could lead us to something even greater than what we could expect. Further, it shows how separating yourself from a crowd can be what makes your work extraordinary and unforgettable.


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