Walnut Grove Park

Photos taken from  a park near the university, at East Olive St. and Sycamore Dr.

The rainy weather from a few days ago cleared the spring pollen and dust from the air. The hills surrounding the park were glowing from the afternoon sun and altogether made a perfect setting to capture photos.

What immediately caught my eye was the large grass field you drive past when you first arrive at the park. As I started photographing my eyes became attracted to the little buildings and greenery that surrounded the field. My five best photos from this shoot include composition techniques such as spot coloring, harmonious colors, leading lines, and patterns. Having a second round of capturing photos with composition techniques in mind helped to train my eye in noticing different subjects in different perspectives. Overall I am pleased with what I was able to capture, I feel it offers a peak into the setting of the story; the vibrant colors show the coming of the season and the time of day that add to the mood of the photos.


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